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bone-china-dinnerware-special-We all have our daily use dinnerware, but if it’s anything like mine,  it’s probably showing its age in small chips and knife scratches. I have only a very few items with which I might be able to pull together a nice centrepiece. With little kids about, investing in a lot of highly breakable items seemed like a bad idea. I love to entertain, but when it comes to décor and party planning itself… Well, I’d rather stay in the kitchen.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of trying to coordinate dinnerware, chargers, napkins and little bejeweled holders, the meal itself and a centrepiece makes me want to cower in terror.

No, I’m not giving up my woman card.

I’m just admitting I’m not an interior decorator at heart.

Fortunately, there are party planning experts in this world, and the ones at Whish are giving away a lovely bone china dinnerware set (with glasses!). I like the idea of stowaway bags a lot. Fine china is nice to have, but sometimes it’s inconvenient to display. Really, how many people can find space for a huge hutch anymore?

This place is too appealing for someone like me. I will have to stop my slobbering over Whish’s gift basket options.

Contest Details: Open to Canadians only. Contest closes December 24, 2013.

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  1. jodi frasier/lasher says

    I like the bacon lover’s gift set.. My dad would get a kick out of that because he is a bacon fanatic. Thanks

  2. says

    I fell in love with lots on this site, so picking only one thing was tough! But I chose the Maple Munchies Christmas Gift Basket! How Canadian is that! Awesome website! I’ll be checking this site out more! So much cool stuff!

  3. says

    I love the fall and Thanksgiving and also need some new placemats! I love all of the ones Whish offers in their Thanksgiving section, but particularly the Orange Circle Linen Feel table runner and placemats and the Gold, Orange and Brown striped ones!

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