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Commas Are Not the Chocolate Sprinkles of the Written Word

Chocolate sprinkles Flickr CC Martijn NijenhuisI’ve been pretty radio-silent lately. I get that this may have seemed kind of strange for a person who’s engaged in a complicated month-long food challenge. Well, the reason why is that I had the privilege of editing a 42,000 word manuscript for some friends of mine. 

It was a great experience. I’m used to my own writing, my usual mistakes, and fixing the grammar quirks of my cadre of BLUNTmoms, but this is the first time I really had to up my grammar ante. I spent many minutes refreshing myself on various seldom-used grammar laws, double-checking the spelling of French phrases, and chewing on my red pen. I’ve even had to make up a few Grammar Laws of Anne because (believe it or not) there are a few grey areas where you have to sort of forge your own path. The only rule in these instances is to use whatever you use consistently. 

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