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‪Seventh Generation Twitter Party & Baby Chat: Wednesday, July 8, 9PM EST #‎FreeYourBaby‬

FreeYourBaby Twitter partyI didn’t make the switch to using more eco products until after my son was born. People may scoff at the idea of “green” products but when you have a newborn baby with severe eczema all over his face, arms, and legs, you’ll find you’ll do just about anything to help clear their skin and make them more comfortable.

So out went all the scented dryer sheets, laundry detergents, everything. Everything we could.

I was, however, never able to make the jump to eco-friendly diapers. When he was born, “eco-friendly” diapering was called cloth diapers. Well, there were a few brand new eco-friendly diapers JUST starting to make their way onto the scene, but they weren’t disposable, their pricing was somewhere between gold and inkjet printer ink, and they were a completely untested enigma. Nobody I knew had tried them. Nobody knew if they worked.

So, cloth diapers was pretty much the only option, and I couldn’t hack it. My son was a skinny little babe with a skinnier bum. He fit NOTHING well that was available back then, including the outer shell that helped contain the mess from cloth diapers. I was resigned to leaky baby poop messes out the side of his leg every time he fed (disposables or no). Having to get even more hands-on with baby poop than I was already being (a lot), washing cloth diapers out in the toilet? It was an ick factor that I wasn’t prepared to deal with on top of all the other brand-new first-time mom struggling to figure out this whole “baby thing” things. 

But that was then. It’s too bad in some ways I’ve only had one… I’m way more mentally prepared for diapers now. If I had a time machine, I would go back to give myself the diapering tips that I took almost an entire year to get under my belt.

Would I still recommend eco products? Absolutely. You see, in the years since we’ve abandoned the stinky products, even my husband and I find that we find that we’re sensitive now to a lot of the heavy artificial scents now. I don’t see any downside to choosing more natural products for your little ones. 

Eco’s come a long, long way in the last 7 years, and good, reasonably priced eco-friendly options, including eco-disposables, are available to people with babies these days. You don’t have to settle for using cloth diapers anymore. Seventh Generation’s diapers are hypoallergenic, free from fragrance, ink, chlorine-processing, PVC, and petroleum-based lotions. 

So I’m pleased to announce I’ll be working as a Mod for the Seventh Generation’s Twitter party on Wednesday, July 8th, at 9 pm EST. Whether you’re expecting a baby or just reconsidering your diaper options, this is the chat for you! We’ll be talking about diapering, being eco-friendly, and life as a mom.

I hope you’ll RSVP and join us! (RSVP’s over at Green Moms Collective).


Hashtag: ‪#‎FreeYourBaby‬

Hosts: @SeventhGenCa @GreenMomsCo

Moderators: @FoodRetro@LilMissKate

RSVP: Sign up to join the twitter party & then follow @SeventhGenCa to be eligible to win.

Prizes: (6) Seventh Generation Baby Prize Pack (1x package of diapers, 1x package of baby wipes, 1x bottle of laundry detergent) and a $25 card value: $50

Rules and Regulations: Please read the complete Rules and Regulations here over at Green Moms Collective.

See you there!